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Feel free to use the plots linked below for converting the  measured PALS lifetime into mean pore dimension.  Calculations for square channels and cubic pores (presented on each plot) are done for several  temperatures.  For more information on the calculations, please see T. L. Dull, W. E. Frieze, D. W. Gidley, J. N. Sun and A. F. Yee, Determination of Pore Size in Mesoporous Thin Films from the Annihilation Lifetime of Positronium, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, 20, 4657 (2001).  Please note, that in these plots the delta dimension has been subtracted from the pore well radius as is traditionally done (but was not done in the above paper). Please use the above paper as a reference if you use these curves for a publication.

Calibration at 25 oC

Calibration at 100 oC

Calibration at 200 oC

Calibration at 300 oC

Calibration at 400 oC